Developing individuals and teams through Coaching

Not only professional Sportsmen/women use Coaches, you can have one too. Just as in sports coaching, Integral coaching works with you as an individual to enhance your awareness of your talents and develop the areas needed to achieve better results.

Individual programmes are designed to help identify, prioritise and creatively solve problems, all in order to assist you in implementing choices around achieving goals.

Why would you need a coach - Consider the following…

Just don’t know which way to turn?

    • Need someone to talk to with no agenda?

    • You are not the same person at home or work (who is the real you).

    • You are living life, but not knowing what you want it to be?

    • Are you struggling with finding an answer?

    • You don’t like your behaviour or who you have become.

    • Do you want to create different results in your life?

    • Showing your true emotion does not come easy.

    • You are just stuck.

    • Do you have too much Stress?

    • Are you feeling Depressed?

    • Wanting to build up your Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence?

    • Do you want to clear your body from ALL the Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt?

Team work

    • Need to get the best out of your team?

    • Understanding the full potential.

    • What is the best environment for your team?

    • Identify key opportunities in your team members.

    • Just wanting to understand how the members in your team think or react.

Coaching works because it initiates a change in behaviour where you choose – unprompted – to respond differently to the world around you.

You are questioned about yourself in order to empower you with the knowledge needed to make conscious decisions about your actions and habits.

If any of the above has sparked interest in you, please contact me.

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Hazlitt Coaching … is about you and me forming a relationship with a specific purpose of allowing you to develop in some way. My aim is to create a supportive alliance with you which allows you to increase awareness, identify alternatives, and initiate action.