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Client Feedback

Client Feedback


Pieter from Turqle Trading

I started searching for someone that could help me get out of the rut that I had managed to get myself into both professionally and personally. I decided to try Jean purely because she was based near to my office and it would be convenient to get to her for consultations. This was probably one of the wisest decisions I have made in a very long time and I am extremely grateful for whatever divine forces that led me to her.

In a very short space of time Jean identified the issues I had been grappling with - including some that I had not been consciously aware of - and started the process of guiding me to find the right solutions. Some of the solutions I already knew, but needed the right type of push in order to implement them on a daily basis. Jean provide this push. She also identified things within me that I had not been aware of and each week of the coaching process became a journey of self discovery that I looked forward to. What could have been a very traumatic process was made to be an exiting and liberating experience which I will treasure for a long time.
The results of Jean's coaching started to show almost as soon as she started working with me and I continue to benefit from her wisdom months after we finished our last coaching session. I certainly count myself blessed for having had the good fortune of working with Jean - as do my loved ones and co-workers.
I have no hesitation in recommending Jean as both an executive and a personal coach and will certainly consult her again should the need arise.



Founding Director, Ping integral coaching
Jean is a single-minded, dedicated coach. The focus of her work revolves around the needs of her client and she doggedly creates the opportunity for the client to think for themselves.
Her focused attention to growing her own competence as a coach adds depth to the work she does and ensures that her impact is significant.

Lynn Paul | Non Resident Relationship Banking

The time I spent with Jean as my personal coach was and will always be invaluable to me. Prior to making the decision of engaging with a lifestyle coach, I was sceptical as to whether this would remedy my situation. I was in a place that I did not want to be in. Everything around me was desolate and I had no idea what I had to do in order to see the light again.

I thought that this huge mountain in front of me was going to take more than a few meetings with a lifestyle coach.

Wow, was I wrong!

Jean taught me a few basic, simple steps and helped me identify certain behaviours and practices to follow to make my life more balanced, structured and rewarding.

I received homework from her which I did diligently. I was always excited about our sessions as I could not wait to relay the progress I had made in between sessions.

Who would have thought that a simple breathing exercise could have such a radical effect on one’s life. Now, not only do I know what I want to do with my personal life and career, but I know how and by when I am going to get there. I certainly have my groove back!

I have started a new role in a new division and am relishing every minute of it. How awesome it is to have my enthusiasm and drive back.

Thanks Jean Hazlitt, I know that you will be impacting countless more individuals lives this positively too. I am proud to be associated with an individual of your calibre and trust that your coaching program will grow from strength to strength and receive the accolades it deserves.





When I started my coaching journey with you I was very sceptical that you (or anyone for that matter) would be able to coach me. I consider myself to be a very strong-minded individual who knows what I want from life. I therefore really had to give it a lot of thought as to what I needed coaching on. I decided that my personality traits of being very controlling and impatient would be a good starting point. When you asked me about my feelings my response was “what does that have to do anything? I don’t make emotional decisions.


From there you took me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery. I am in a risk and compliance position and as such deadlines and specific outcomes are very important. I realised that being “controlling and impatient” were appropriate in the workplace. In my personal space I realised that I am allowed to “switch off” and be more tolerant with loved ones. It does not come naturally and therefore your breathing exercises has helped a lot. I actually take a breather and think before I speak.

As my coaching continued it became evident that I had very definite boundary issues, both physical and emotional. You suggested that I try some creative dance and art classes so that I could have some “me” time. Unbeknown to me at the time, it taught me the freedom of expression, whilst operation within in boundaries, e.g. I could dance anyway I wanted so long it was within the studio, and I could paint anything I wanted with the size of the canvas being the only limitation.

Throughout my life colleagues, friends and those nearest and dearest to me have always told me that I have this invisible wall around me and that I send out a very clear message of “Do not DARE to trespass”. I am very much aware of my wall, and also very attached to it. However, you have taught me through coaching to become more aware of my boundaries and that by sharing my feelings with others when I feel threatened, that it could open up new opportunities for me. It is early days yet and I am taking baby steps. However, I now feel more free to tell people that they are stepping in to my personal space and how it makes me feel. What it has opened up for me is that I am more prepared to give relationships an opportunity to succeed instead of just cutting people off if I feel that they are stepping into my personal space.

Thank you for making my journey comfortable and fun. I confirm that you my place my feedback on your website